Let’s face it.  You want to buy that Garmin watch.  Or, you want to buy that Lowepro Bag.  Or even better, you want to buy your organic groceries online.

The wait time always holds you back.  I mean why do I have to wait for 2 weeks for my watch to arrive? Or why do I have to check in to the customs, adding to that wait time?

Our mission at Cartaroo, is to change the way we experience shopping.  We hate waiting for our online purchases as much as you do.  And we want the most competitive prices out there as well.  

So what do we do? We bring to you, exactly what we want as well.  You get the best prices all around Cyprus guaranteed, plus same day delivery.  Make sure to place your order before 11 pm, and we’ll make sure you get your order by the same afternoon.